About us

Independent, family restaurants such as the Astroburger are becoming harder to find nowadays. We are happy to have served the area for nearly half a century and have welcomed several generations of customers. We appreciate all the support we have received over the years.

We pride ourselves on serving a wide variety of quality, reasonably-priced fast food. Our menu ranges from hamburgers, fries and shakes to sandwiches to Mexican to salads to Greek specials, homemade soups and desserts. Something for everyone!

In fact, the new plant-based products you hear so much about are not new at all to the Astroburger. We've been serving plant-based for over 30 years now, ever since we were the FIRST to offer the Gardenburger. Although quite an innovative step at the time, we continued to expand our menu to include the large selection of vegetarian and vegan items that we offer today.

Many of our friendly and experienced staff have been with us for years and are like family to us and to many of you. You'll find us in Hollywood at the corner of Melrose Avenue and Gower Street, under the giant neon Astro star, next to Paramount Studios. Enjoy your meal in our dining room or outdoor garden patio. There's convenient parking in back of the building. Or take advantage of our popular drive-through.

We're ready to serve you for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Hope to see you soon!